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About the Artist


From elementary school on my notebooks lacked lesson summaries but were full of scribbles and drawings. Later, my keen interest in artistic creation took over; after military service, it was only natural to attend studies at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, where I completed a B.A. in Jewellery. My passion for art and design was reinforced there with tools and knowledge I acquired over the four years of intensive and enlightening studies.


My interest in jewels is connected to the will to overcome
the challenge of taking a cold, hard material – a piece of metal – and patiently and accurately breath life and movement into it.
The reward after completing this long, complicated process is to see a person falling in love with and/or wearing a design that I created.


Nothing excites me more than seeing a woman full of joy after receiving my work.  That moment, when one understands that talent and knowledge allow me to fulfil a fantasy and create a perfectly tailored piece of art… is my moment… a moment of pure creation.
Creation is giving.


Over years of metalworking, I began to feel a lack of color. Hence, I became interested in glass; I discovered a new, amazing world, and fell in love with it.
Combining jewellery design with glass led me to create contemporary jewels that retain old traditions.

Personal Note

Each piece of jewellery that I create is unique and never will be duplicated.

Just like us, human beings. You are one of a kind, and deserve a unique piece of jewellery!



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