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Albi is translated My Heart, my creation comes from a place of love, of giving that which is in our hearts

Albi.art was founded to be the place where art and jewelry meet; a new creation is formed, totally unique, a handmade original piece designed to be enjoyed and cherished by you.

Quality and Materials

All of our art work uses high quality, high grade materials, we pride ourselves in our work and the quality of both design and product. Albi specializes in Italian Murano Glass, sometimes referred to as Venetian glass, jewelry and artwork, carrying on a tradition of glass work stretching back for centuries.

The Murano glass rods we use have been carefully selected and imported exclusively from Italy.

Murano Glass Work

Murano glass is worked on using glass rods and specialized tools, the process involves melting the Murano glass rods on to an aluminum shaft, constantly revolving, with each turn of the shaft, an additional layer of glass forms, slowly building up mass to become a glass bead. The artist uses a combination of Murano glass rods, each with its own color, shade or even embedded metal particles, to form a deep, multi-color, multi-layered glass bead. The work is performed in very high temperatures, around 950 degrees Celsius, and requires additional 12-24 hours of crucial tempering in a specialized oven, to preserve the beads colors and to enhance durability of the glass.

Quality Commitment

All of Ali.art jewelry and artwork are handmade, hand crafted and produced while maintaining the centuries old traditions of Italian metal and glass work artists. Each piece is unique, no two are a like, crafted with love with a commitment for great designs and high quality.


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