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Murano Glass

In one word – Murano. Just as there is an authentic Italian pizza or Colombian coffee, there is a certain, original type of glass with a rich, fascinating history and, unique quality and beauty. This is Murano glass.

The Italian island of Murano, after which the glass is named, is located about two kilometers northeast of Venice. Murano is actually an archipelago, composed of seven small islands, connected together by bridges. The island has a long history: in the 13th century, it was populated by the Romans; the islanders made a living from fishing and salt production. Like other islands in the Venetian Lagoon, Murano minted its own coins. In 1291, all Venetian glassmakers moved to Murano due to their fear of constantly increasing fires. Since then, a new, unique and glorious history of glass art has begun. In that era, Murano glass artists were the only ones in the world who knew how to produce mirrors – such a common item nowadays was valuable and unique in ancient times.

Murano acquired real fame due to the glass beads produced in the city, characterized by meticulous design and unique colors that are an integral part of the material itself, creating a somewhat abstract appearance despite its transparency. The glass artists use unique colored patterns called “Murrine”, which are casted together with the colored glass fragments into milk glass, thus creating endless combinations of color and shape. Therefore, even though it is simple glass, every bead made of Murano glass becomes a marvelous and beautiful piece of jewelry.

800 years of shining beauty

Over the years, Murano glass artists have developed various transparency-based types of glass and sophisticated technologies. For example, they developed crystal glass and the prestigious aventurine glass, in which they incorporated gold fragments. The colorful Millefiori glass, milky-like lattimo glass, and the soft and easy to work with soda-lime glass were also developed and perfected by them, but above all, 800 years after, Murano glass is still regarded worldwide as the best glass among glassmakers, artisans and jewelers.

My beads

I make my beads by myself, using Murano glass. Despite the multiple imitations developed around the world, and the variety of options, the unique quality and endless possibilities embodied in this glass captured my heart, and I have been working with it exclusively over the years.

Murano glass features a variety of colors, textures and special effects. The world of glass is full of joy, color and wisdom embodied in every piece of work. One of the key factors is to become acquainted with color combinations that allow to create new colors. For example, a combination of a certain shade of azure with a certain shade of cream color will result in a black line between them. Playing with fire leads to huge changes, while every change in gas and oxygen creates a new shade. On the other hand, any failure to mix the shades correctly can damage the glass, while each shade has its own breaking pressure.

The possibilities are endless! And I enjoy every moment of my journey…


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