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Ruth Rapaport

Out of Nothing

Materials: Polished Brass, Copper, Gold
Techniques: Vanishing Wax Casting, Electroforming, Coating

As long as there are no obstacles in the way of your sight, our gaze sweeps across the void. What is this void? How do we define it? Can we capture it?

According to the Kabbalah, the five senses provide us access to a mere 1% of reality,
which is the byproduct of a 99% reality that cannot be accessed by the senses,
what about the remaining ninety nine percent we cannot see, hear or touch?

I have been searching for the absent, that which is not present.
I have been investigating the thin line which separates between body and space.
It’s an elusive line, which requires an inward look as well as an outward look.

Feel the void, fill the void, and understand the void.
Expose the shape the void forms when defined by the intersection of different body gestures. I chose to focus my work on exposing shapes formed by different praying gestures, disassembling and analyzing human hand gestures.
The result is a set of abstract shapes formed by capturing the void left by our hands.

The outer shell is undefined and abstract with no telling tale of the object’s nature.
The inner shell is made of brilliant details revealing the object’s true form.


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