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“Albi – Ruth Rapaport”  – November 2020 edition

  1. General
    1.1. The “Albi” website and the services provided in it (“The Site”) are operated by Ruth Rapaport licensed dealer 036694545 (“Ruth Rapaport”). It is clarified that the site is intended for the purpose of providing ongoing services to the site’s customers (“User”).
    1.2. The use of the site is subject to the acceptance of all terms and conditions in this document and the privacy policy published on the site, by the User (“Terms of Use”). User who does not agree to the Terms of Use, in whole or in part, will not be allowed to use the services included in it for any purpose. Ruth Rapaport may change the Terms of Use at any time and in its sole discretion and such change shall be binding for all intents and purposes upon its implementation and onwards. The latest version of the Terms of Use, as published on the site, will be the binding version, even if at the time the User joined the site another version was in effect. Any use of the site is only allowed for users who are over 18 years old.
    1.3. Ruth Rapaport reserves the right to change the content of the site, including the services contained therein, to cease, detract from or add to them, at any time, in whole or in part. Ruth Rapaport may also change these Terms of Use from time to time, add to them or derogate from them, in relation to the activity on the Site or its use – in whole, in part, its feature or application, at any time, at its sole discretion and without need to deliver any notice in advance. The full responsibility for knowing the terms below and using the site according to these terms applies to the User only at all times.
    1.4. Ruth Rapaport may make improvements, alterations and omissions to the Site, its design and the services offered on it, at any time, without prior notice and at her sole discretion. Such changes may inherently involve malfunctions or downtime. The User will not have a claim, lawsuit and / or demand against Ruth Rapaport in respect of making such changes and / or downtime and / or malfunctions that will occur in connection with making such changes.
    1.5. The use of masculine and singular language is for convenience only and also includes feminine / plural pronouns.
    1.6. Ruth Rapaport will be entitled to terminate the activity of the site, in whole or in part, for a certain period or indefinitely and all at its discretion and without prior notice on its part to all Users or to a certain type of User.
    1.7. In any case where the User encounters a technical, operational problem or difficulty in making orders, he can contact Ruth Rapaport by filling a message-form in the Site (page Contact Us) or via E-mail address to: help@albi.art.
  1. How to use
    2.1. The Site allows the User to make orders for Ruth Rapaport’s products and related products and even keep track of previous and future orders that have been made through the Site. This service is provided to customers who are registered to the Site only, and will not be available to occasional customers.
    2.2. When entering the Site for the first time, the User must choose the option of making an order as a new customer.
    2.3. The User will verify that his residential address is in the distribution areas for deliveries, since order delivery is only possible in certain distribution areas. For the convenience of the User, when the User enters his delivery address on the Site, it will be presented with the delivery options, as well as whether a delivery to such address is possible.
    2.4. A User will be able to make an order and purchase the variety of products available for purchase on the Site.
    2.5. Delivery to an address in Israel does not involve an additional payment. For delivery to an address outside of Israel, in addition to the prices of the products, the User will be charged with a shipping fee, according to the delivery destination and shipping method. The amount to be paid for the shipping fee will be specified in the order form as detailed below.
    2.6. Upon each order, the User will be asked to confirm by clicking on a check-box that he has read and agrees to these Terms of Use. For the avoidance of doubt, it will be clarified that it is the User’s responsibility to prevent and not allow access to anyone who is not authorized to do so on his behalf. Ruth Rapaport and / or anyone acting on its behalf will not be liable for any damage due to the disclosure of means of entry into his account due to the User’s negligence and / or due to the order of an unauthorized person by the User and / or the order made by any third party.
    2.7. The User must check the contents of the delivery upon receipt and compare it to the order he made on the Site. In case the products provided to the User are not the products included in the order form or in case there is another problem with the products delivered, the User shall contact the customer service center using the Contact-Us form on the Site or via E-mail to: help@albi.art , within 24 hours from the delivery of the order. For the avoidance of doubt, perishable products (‘Mutzarim Fsidim’) will not be allowed to be returned after receipt.
  1. Orders and delivery dates
    3.1. Orders making: The user will be able to make product orders through the Site which will be delivered in accordance with the delivery dates specified in section 3.2 below (“Order”). The User will be able to add to the “shopping cart” any product that is in stock. As long as the Order is not completed, the User will be able to change quantities, add or derogate products from the shopping cart.
    3.2. Delivery dates: Orders will be delivered to customers within up to five (5) business days from the date of Order. Business day for the purpose of calculating delivery times is until 16:00 (4 p.m) on a particular day, so that Orders made before 16:00 will be delivered within five (5) business days from the date the Order was made, and Orders made after 16:00 will be delivered within five (5) business days from the next day (“Supply Date”). The User agrees that in cases of exceptional or special loads (of Orders), the Supply Date may be delayed by one day.
    3.3. Changes in Orders or cancellation of Supply date: It is not possible to make any changes to the Orders after finishing and submitting the Order.
    3.4. Cancel reservation: The User may cancel Orders of non-perishable products ordered on the Site as long as the User has the right to cancel an Order in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the law, and in particular the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981 and its regulations, by giving notice to Ruth Rapaport via the Site (in page Contact Us) and/or in via Email to: help@albi.art.. The cancellation notice must state the User’s name and ID number.
    3.5. In case of cancellation of an Order, the User must return the products supplied to him in their original packaging and without any use and without defect. In case of cancellation due to non-compliance or defect, Ruth Rapaport will refund the User with the full amount you paid for the Order, within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice, provided that the product is returned in its original packaging and not used at all. In case of cancellation that is not due to non-compliance or defect, Ruth Rapaport will refund the User with the amount paid for the product minus a cancellation fee of 5% of the transaction price or 100 NIS, whichever is lower, within 14 days of receiving the cancellation notice.
    3.6. Execution order, summary order and payment terms: At the end of the Order, an Order summary page will appear, listing the items that were ordered by the User, including price information, VAT, etc. The amount to be charged to each User is in accordance with the amount that will appear in the Order summary that will be sent to the User after the Order is made and submitted.
  1. The products on the website
    4.1. Ruth Rapaport may at any time and in its sole discretion add and / or detract from and / or modify the variety of products offered for sale on the Site, without notifying the User, and the User waives in advance any claim and / or demand in this regard.
    4.2. For each product offered for sale on the Site, 3 high resolutions pictures will be displayed for illustration only and a non-exhaustive description of the product specifications, including its price in NIS. The User is aware that, subject to the provisions of any law, Ruth Rapaport may offer various products and / or promotions and / or certain conditions to all or some of the Users and the User waives any claim in connection with the aforesaid.
    4.3. In the event of a discrepancy or difference between a product picture displayed on the Site and its verbal description, the latter will prevail. In any case, it is clarified that the verbal description does not have to be accurate and is intended for the purpose of a general and incomplete informative description of the product characteristics.
  1. Responsibility
    5.1. The services on the Site can be used “as is” and as available. The Site is not adapted and cannot be adapted to a specific purpose or the needs of each User. Therefore, the User will not have any claim, suit or demand towards Ruth Rapaport and / or anyone on its behalf, directly or indirectly, its employees or representatives regarding the services provided and offered on the Site, their limitations, their suitability for the User’s needs, etc. The use of the Site is the sole responsibility of the User.
    5.2. Ruth Rapaport does not promise that the services provided and offered on the Site will be provided and displayed as normal without interruption, will be error-free, and will be immune from unauthorized access, malfunctions, damages or failures, deceptions – all in hardware, software, lines and communication systems or any malfunction or other failure, at Ruth Rapaport or other suppliers.
    5.3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Ruth Rapaport, its employees and anyone acting on its behalf, are not responsible in any way for the intactness of the Site or for any malfunctions on the Site, resulting from poor performance of other suppliers or factors beyond its control, including force majeure, weather, war, holidays, etc. The use of the Site is subject to the availability and correctness of the internet web and therefore the User will not have any claim, demand, or suit for any damage, loss or expense caused to him due to error, fall, disruption, delay, technical failure or malfunction caused by such internet web. Ruth Rapaport is not responsible, and will not be responsible in any way for the proper operation of the internet web for all its components and will not bear any responsibility for interruptions, breaks, disconnections, damages, expenses, delays, loss of profit, etc., which will be caused the User directly or indirectly. Without derogating from the aforesaid, the User agrees and undertakes that any malfunction, disruption, delay, etc., which originates in Force Majeure, will not be considered at all a violation of these Terms of Use by Ruth Rapaport, and will not entitle the User to any legal aid, right or remedy.
    5.4. The use of the Site is the sole responsibility of the User, and Ruth Rapaport shall not be liable for any damage (including bodily harm), loss or expense of any kind and type caused to any User, directly or indirectly related to the Site.
    5.5. It is hereby clarified that Ruth Rapaport is not responsible for the standard or the quality of the Site. The use of the Site will be the sole responsibility of the User, and in accordance with the provisions of any law.
  1. Ownership and copyright in the materials of the site
    6.1. These Terms of Use give the user permission to use the Site according to these Terms of Use only. The ownership rights in the Site and its components, including all intellectual property rights, will at all times remain the property of Ruth Rapaport and / or its suppliers and / or licensors from whom Ruth Rapaport has been granted the right to use intellectual property.
    6.2. All copyrights and intellectual property on the Site and the services offered on it, including – the information, content, graphics, illustrations, symbols, specifications, trademarks, logos, software applications, etc., are by Ruth Rapaport and / or its suppliers and / or licensors Rapaport has the right to use intellectual property, and they are protected by the copyright laws of the State of Israel, as well as the copyright laws of other countries and international conventions.
    6.3. Ruth Rapaport’s trademarks, including but not limited to, the graphics, illustrations, symbols, logos and various designs, whether registered or not, will remain the sole property of Ruth Rapaport at any time and you may not take any action that may infringe on their property rights.
    6.4. The Site and the services contained therein are intended for the personal use of the User. The User may not copy, modify, distribute, transmit, publicly display, publicly perform, transmit to the public, publish, process, create derivative works, sell or rent and store the content of the Site and any other content obtained through it, in part, in full, temporarily or permanently, by the User and through or in collaboration with a third party, by any means, whether electronic, mechanical, optical, photographic or recording means, or by any other means, without the express permission of Ruth Rapaport, in writing and in advance.
  1. Illegal and prohibited use
    7.1. The use of the Site and all content stored on it is prohibited for any illegal purpose or for any purpose prohibited by these Terms of Use. The User may not use the Site and / or its contents in a manner that may harm, paralyze, cause overload or damage the Site, communication networks and any communication equipment, or interfere with the use of any other factor and his enjoyment of the Site. The User is not allowed to attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Site, its contents, the accounts of other Users or the systems or networks connected to the Site by any means. The User may not obtain or attempt to obtain any content or information by any means not intentionally made available to him by Ruth Rapaport.
    7.2. It is forbidden to collect, download or copy in any way lists of users, or other information about users, and not to use or transfer such information (for a fee or free of charge) to any person or entity.
  1. Commercial information and advertisements
    8.1. Ruth Rapaport may include on the Site content and commercial information, such as advertisements and notices, that are submitted for publication on its behalf as well as on behalf of various advertisers seeking to offer for sale services or other products.
    8.2. Ruth Rapaport is not responsible for the content and commercial information published on behalf of third parties on the Site or included in content that can be downloaded from it. With regard to third-party publications and / or content, it is clarified that Ruth Rapaport does not check, verify or edit the content of the publications or their veracity. Such publication is the sole responsibility of the advertisers, and any result arising from reliance on it applies to those third parties. The publication of the content and commercial information as stated on the Site does not constitute a recommendation or encouragement to purchase and use the services or products offered on it.
  1. Miscellaneous
    9.1. Ruth Rapaport and / or anyone on its behalf will take precautions to maintain the confidentiality of Users’ information. However, it is clarified that the Order is made online and hence, the Site is exposed to hacking attempts by hackers and / or other hostile elements (“Hacking Attempts, Hostile Elements”). Ruth Rapaport will do everything in its power to prevent the Hacking Attempts but at the same time it cannot completely guarantee the complete protection of the information from the intrusion of those Hostile Elements into its computers and their use of the such details.
    9.2. Ruth Rapaport will make every effort to ensure that the Site is safe for use free from any ‘virus’ or any other malware and / or spyware, and will work to prevent possible invasion of User’s privacy. However, Ruth Rapaport and / or anyone acting on its behalf is unable to ensure that the Site is safe to use and free of malware and / or spyware at all times, or to ensure complete disclosure of the information stored on it.
    9.3. Ruth Rapaport will be entitled to send to any User a feedback in which he will be asked to give his opinion, inter alia, on the Site, the products sold on it, purchase procedures and general impressions from the Site, and the User is aware that Ruth Rapaport may use any data received in response to feedback.
    9.4. All records and documentation stored by Ruth Rapaport and / or anyone acting on its behalf in connection with the User’s use of the Site will serve as alleged proof of their existence and correctness.
    9.5. It is clarified that failure to act in the event or in case of violation or breach of the Terms of Use by the User will not be considered as consent or waiver by Ruth Rapaport of rights and will not learn of an equal derivation in respect of similar cases or in other cases.
    9.6. If a competent court rules that a term of this Terms of Use is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the full validity and applicability of the rest of the Terms of Use will be maintained.
    9.7. These Terms of Use are subject to the laws of the State of Israel. The courts in Tel Aviv will have the unique and exclusive authority to hear any dispute arising from or pertaining to these Terms of Use.
  1. Accessibility Statement
    10.1. The Equal Rights For People With Disabilities Law, 1988, is intended to protect the dignity and liberty of a person with disability and to establish his right to equal and active participation in society, in all areas of life.
    10.2. Ruth Rapaport works and promotes the issue of accessibility, and therefore made efforts to adapt the Site, as far as possible, for use by people with disabilities in accordance with the Equal Rights For People With Disabilities (Accessibility Adjustments to Service) Regulations, 2013.
    10.3. However, if the User encounters any disruption, defect of inconsistency in the accessibility of the Site or the way the products are delivered – the User shall contact Ruth Rapaport’s Accessibility Coordinator and draw her attention on this.
    10.4. Referrals regarding accessibility matters should be directed to the Accessibility Coordinator, at the e-mail address: help@albi.art.
    Ruth Rapaport will make every effort to provide a complete response to such request, so that the User can enjoy the site.

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